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Welcome to the Reventon Online Education Hub. This e-Learning platform was created by Reventon to help people who want to achieve financial harmony, build wealth and create a better future.

We offer a collection of online courses by industry-experienced professionals with more being added constantly.

RevMoney Online Money Management Course

Your Personal Finance Coach Nikki Harris

RevMoney is a specialised, coaching program for clients who want to achieve financial freedom. We’re committed to helping you pay your mortgage faster and worry less about money. We combine powerful mindset coaching with practical strategies so you can set clear financial goals and build clarity on what you’d like to achieve. With RevMoney you can develop a detailed roadmap to meet your goals and understand your current spending habits.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Pay down bad debt
  • Set up sustainable saving habits
  • Gain control of your finances
  • Set up an emergency fund to meet unexpected expenses

Your Path To Wealth: Brick By Brick

Award Winning Bestselling Book Is Turning into an Online Course

Your Path to Wealth is an eight-part online course developed from Reventon founder Chris Christofi’s best-selling book of the same name.

Each module focuses on a critical component of the wealth-building process and reinforces learnings through simple, yet impactful activities, case studies, tips and guidance.

As part of this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a sustainable and rewarding property portfolio
  • Reduce debt and kick bad spending habits
  • Take advantage of tax benefits
  • And more

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Meet The Team

The eLearning courses available on the Reventon Online Education Hub are created by industry leaders and experts in their field.

Chris Christofi

Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur, $889+ Million Business Under Management, $1.34+ Billion In Real Estate Sales, Bestselling Author

Nikki Harris

Financial Coach | Grad. Dip. FP & Certified Money Coach® (CMC)

Tim Graham

Globally experienced finance COO. MBA postgraduate. Head of Property Research, Reventon. 

Client Testimonials

Marcos Baranauskas
Marcos Baranauskas
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I highly recommend Nikki Harris and her online Money Management course. Nikki was so friendly, approachable and helpful and came with a wealth of financial knowledge and tips that paid off (literally lol). The online course was well laid out with useful tips on budgeting and changing your mindset to finance your desired lifestyle. Since doing the course, I have started saving money for savings-sake, investing and for a holiday; as well as planning for those little emergencies and paying down debt, all at the same time. Gone are the days of living from pay to pay and having "poor" weeks. Thanks Nikki 🙂
Sherah & Alister
Sherah & Alister
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The Reventon Financial Coaching course run by Nikki has been a great experience for both myself and my partner. It has shifted how we consider making our money work for us and how we can break down our financial goals into achievable realities. Nikki has been an exceptional teacher who demonstrates a contagious passion, tenacity and above all genuine care for her client’s in everything she does. I feel confident recommending this course with Nikki to anyone wanting to better understand their finances and obtain lifelong skills. It is definitely an investment worth making! 😊
Miles Casbier
Miles Casbier
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Working with Nikki over the last couple of months has been invaluable to help me better understand my ‘identity’ around money management. Previously I used to view my money management as a behaviour. However by changing the narrative to focus on my money management identity, I have become more empowered and in control of my finances. I now feel like I am autopilot to achieving those financial goals which previously seemed difficult to reach.
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Nikki has given me the highest confidence in her ability to help me manage my money better. I have known for many years the need to properly manage my money and save & invest to achieve my goals. I was constantly putting it off but after my discussions with Nikki I am prioritising this to make better money decisions for me and my family.
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Nikki has been fantastic to work with and her enthusiasm is undeniable. Talking about finance can be uncomfortable and I've always buried my head under the sand about it. She's managed to put me at ease and feel confident about how I can better approach managing my money moving forward through her advice and support. Looking forward to reaching my goals and seeing how much more money I can save over time using her strategies!
Tricia Butler
Tricia Butler
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Nikki is so easy to talk to. She has unique ways of bringing our hidden beliefs about money to the surface with ease. She quickly understands your weaknesses and strengths and tailors the solution to meet that while still allowing you to grow. You get clear on your money goals and can see a path to make these goals a reality. Everything is accounted for, for example. I love gadgets but would feel guilty about buying them. I now have a gadget budget, and when my Fitbit broke, there was no hesitation or guilt about purchasing another one as it was in the budge. Haha, it does mean that the new phone I was looking at will have to wait a little longer. Not quite enough left for that. Go to stick to the budget. Love your work Nikki 😊

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